Get Involved

Please contact us via email or use the ‘Donate’ page to help in the following ways…


Spread the Word

Tell people about our work, and pass on our contact details.



We appreciate donations of the following items:

  • Newspapers and shredded paper (which we use to line the animals cages).
  • Pet food (bird seed, tinned cat and dog food etc.).
  • Unwanted pet cages and other pet supplies.
  • Old towels and blankets.


Donate Funds

We rely on one-off and regular donations to fund our work.

Donations are used to fund the day to day needs of our animals- such as food, bedding and medical supplies and veterinary treatments. There are also larger pieces of equipment (such as transport cages and swan harnesses) that we are saving up to buy.

There is currently a list of renovations needed on site to allow us to continue and expand. These include the re-building/ and new construction of animal pens and bird aviaries- these allow rehabilitated birds and animals a secure outdoor space to recover and prepare for release.



Become a fundraiser, and organise events to help raise money for the charity or organise collections of supplies.



We welcome volunteers to help care for the animals or answer telephone calls.

We will also be looking for volunteer ‘ambulance drivers’ to collect animals when they cannot be brought to us.


Release Sites

If you have a suitable garden or land where we could release any of our animals, we would be glad to hear from you.