About CWC

Cambridgeshire Wildlife Care is a charity dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in Ely and the surrounding area.  We care for orphaned, injured, ill and abandoned animals with the aim of returning them to the wild.

We are a new charity, but our founders have many years’ experience working with wildlife.  We hope to extend our facility and work in co-operation with other local organisations and individuals with similar values.  We believe that the more we co-operate and share information, the more animals we will be able to help.  We aim to help educate people of all ages in aspects of wildlife care and conservation.

CWC is an independent organisation run entirely by volunteers.  We fund the work ourselves and through generous donations from the public.  We are incredibly grateful for any support we receive.

Telephone line:  We do our best to return all calls as soon as possible, if we do not answer soon enough please try an alternative wildlife rescue organisation or local vet.

Do not attempt to rescue any animal if it will put you in danger e.g. on roads or near water.  For larger birds or animals, always call an appropriate wildlife rescue centre for advice.  Do not do anything that is likely to cause a harm to you or to others.