About Us

Duck rescue and release

Who we are

Cambridgeshire Wildlife Care is a charity dedicated to the rescue and  rehabilitation of wildlife in Ely and the surrounding area.

We are an independent organisation run by a small team of volunteers, supported by two local veterinary surgeries.

Baby rabbit rescue

What we do

We care for orphaned, injured, ill and abandoned animals with the aim of returning them to the wild. 

Our vision is that every wild animal in need of assistance in Cambridgeshire is given the specialist care and support it needs to ensure the best chance of survival and release back to the wild.

Hare rescue and release


We are registered with the Charity Commission (Registration  Number 1175171) and HMRC. We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation run by our Board of Trustees:

Tara Livermore (Chair and Co-Founder)

Dinah Northfield (Co-Founder)

Ellie Walliker

Clare Hetherington