Baby hedgehogs (hoglets)


It is most often members of the public who find an animal or bird in need of assistance. Without kind people taking the time to help and get in touch with us, we would not be doing what we do.

We are privileged to be able to meet many of you on a day-to-day basis, and it helps us to keep our faith in humanity to see how much you all care. Here is some of the lovely feedback we have received from people who have taken the time to help our local wildlife.

"Replied really quickly to my message and helped me with an injured/shocked woodpecker which I rescued. Thank you ☺ and thank you for all of your hard work to help save and care for animals in need!" - Alicia, May 2019 

"Great setup caring for wildlife that often gets forgotten. Great to see Tara's so passionate about this." - Shaun, November 2018 

"Would definitely recommend, really kind and helpful when my little boy and I came across a poorly hedgehog today on the school run." - Louise, October 2018

"Wonderful charity run by wonderful people. They care so much and will do all they can." - Lizzie, May 2018 

"Absolutely amazing team, their care for wildlife is second to none. Heart warming." - Natasha, May 2018

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring about this poor bird. You were immediately prepared to come to his rescue and take him to a vet you knew would try their hardest to treat and not immediately euthanize as I have experience in the past. Thank you again for caring so much and I wish you all the help you need to expand and keep your rescue facilities going, it is a much needed service as I have discovered. I will tell everyone how wonderful you are and pray for success." - Lynda, April 2018 

"All the wildlife going into CWC is treated to the best care anyone could wish for." - Anita, October 2017

"Amazing, super caring team. I am so pleased to have found you!" - Amber, July 2017

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