Frequently Asked Questions


What species do you admit?

We mainly take in small mammals, small waterbirds/wading birds and gamebirds. We have facilities for a small number of other birds, but these are almost always full, so we ask members of the public to contact alternative sources of help in these cases.

How can I contact you?

Please call 07977 320320 if you have found an animal or bird in need of assistance. You will usually be asked to leave a message and we will get back to you asap.

If you have a general/non-urgent enquiry, please email us on

Are you open 24/7?

We are open 365 days a year between 9.00am and 7.30pm. Please note that, at busy times, it may be a couple of hours before we are able to return your call. 

I need help for a species you don’t admit/urgent help/it’s out of hours. What do I do?

Please contact an alternative rescue centre. A directory of centres, which can be searched using your postcode, can be found on Your local veterinary surgery may also be able to assist you (note some are open 24 hours) or the RSPCA.

How can I provide short-term care for the animal/bird until I can get it to you?

You can find basic care guidance in the Advice section of our website.


Whereabouts are you?

We are based in Soham, which is between Ely and Newmarket.

Why don’t you display your address on your website?

We are a small home-based rescue centre, so there are times when there is no one on site. We deliberately do not display our address on our website to encourage people to call us before they arrive. This also allows us time to prepare suitable equipment and accommodation for the casualty.

Can you collect the animal/bird I have found?

We are run by a small team of volunteers, so there is often only one person on site and they are needed to look after the animals and birds in care and manage new admissions. This means collecting animals, particularly outside of our local area, is often impossible. Please do call us for advice though, as we maintain contact with other rescue centres in Cambridgeshire so should be able to advise on alternative sources of help if we cannot get to you.

The animal/bird is trapped/I can’t get to it myself. Can you help?

That will depend on where you are (see above), the location of the casualty and the species. We will always help if we can or advise on alternatives if we are unable to assist ourselves. 

Will you keep me updated on the progress of the animal/bird I bring in?

Yes, absolutely. If you would like an update, we ask that you email us on as our phone lines are usually very busy during the day.

Can I have the animal/bird back when it’s recovered?

We usually return casualties to the location they were found, providing it is safe to do so of course. However, there may be times when releasing animals or birds in the group they have been reared in whilst in care is in their best interests – in these cases we would find a suitable release site for them to go altogether. There are also times when a soft-release is better (where the animal or bird is able to return to a safe place to find food until they are completely familiar with their new territory) or we feel transportation to its original location would be unnecessarily stressful.


Why don’t you take in all species?

We are a home-based rescue centre run by a small number of volunteers. We balance carefully the facilities and the resources available to us to maximise the number of animals and birds we are able to admit, but our number one priority is to ensure that every animal and bird receives the highest level of care possible. The number of admissions we are able to manage is growing year on year, but at this stage we still have to limit them.

Can you help with domestic or farm animals?

Unfortunately not. We are only able to assist with wildlife.

Can I rehome a hedgehog?

We most often return hedgehogs to the location that they were found. However, there are times when that is not suitable eg. if they have fallen in a pond and will likely do so again, or been attacked by a dog that is still present at that site. In those cases, we normally release them with another one that is going back to its original location.

We never rehome hedgehogs in an area that doesn’t already have hedgehogs, and we never release on allotments, as there are dangers from netting, pesticides and slug pellets.

If you don't already have hedgehogs visiting your garden, you can try to encourage them in several ways (see below).

How can I encourage hedgehogs into my garden?

Please see our tips and advice here.

Are you a registered charity?

Yes, we are registered with the Charity Commission and our registration number is 1175171.

How are you funded?

We receive no government funding so rely on donations from members of the public to continue to run.


Do you have paid staff?

No, we are run entirely by a small team of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our Volunteering page.

Can I do a work experience/student placement with you?

Unfortunately not. We are a small centre and we don’t have veterinary services on site, so work experience placements and internships are not something we can offer at this time.

Can I volunteer?

We have a limited number of volunteering opportunities, and all volunteers must be aged 18 or over. Any  opportunities we do have will be advertised on our Volunteering page and our Facebook page.

Apart from volunteering or donating, are there any other ways I can help?

Yes! We have lots of suggestions here.

I have collected some items for you – where and when can I drop them off?

We have two drop-off points: Pet Doctors in Soham and Simpsons Garden Centre in Fordham. You can take any items in there and let the staff know they are for us and they will be passed on. Please do leave a note with your contact details so that we can acknowledge them and thank you. If you are not able to get to Soham/Fordham, please email us on

Will you give a talk to my school/group?

We are very happy to give a talk to any school, club or group within a reasonable distance of Soham. Please note that we are not able to bring any of the animals or birds in our care with us, as it would be too stressful for them.

We ask for a small donation to cover our costs (this can be provided in the form of donated items eg. cat food). Please contact us for more information.